Why Are Wheel Alignment And Wheel Balancing Important?

Why Are Wheel Aligning And Wheel Balancing Important-Tyrehub

Why Are Wheel Aligning And Wheel Balancing Important?

When the car wheel is perfectly balanced, driving a car is smooth. But if it is not balanced correctly, you may get a jerk while driving a car or a two-wheeler. You can experience that vibration in the steering wheel or seat. Similarly, when the wheel is not aligned accurately, it may wear the tire out along with the steering wheel, and you may feel driving a car strenuous.

Therefore, wheel-alignment and wheel-balancing is a must. Without it, the ride will not be smooth, and you are prone to road accidents. Thus, the best advice is to get it checked by your Automotive Service Centre or Tyre Service near you.

To learn anything about Wheel Alignment and Wheel Balancing, you must first know what these terms mean? What is wheel balancing and what is wheel alignment and how those affect our driving and our car?

Wheel Alignment And Everything You Need To Know About It

Wheel Alignment means adjusting the wheel in such a manner that they remain parallel to each other. The angles are to be set such that they remain perpendicular to ground and parallel to each other. Few of the situations where you need to check on wheel alignment are installing new tyres, new suspension, or tyre wear. When the suspension is altered, it can impact the handling capacity of the car or a two-wheeler, and result in the unplanned tyre wear. Therefore, to avoid the extreme tyre wearing or steering wheel issues, make sure that the parts affecting the alignment are inspected thoroughly.

What Can Affect Your Wheel Alignment?

Three major components can affect your vehicle’s wheel alignment.


One of the ways to spot an imbalanced wheel alignment is with the help of the TOE angle. If the front of both tyres faces each other, then it is a positive toe whereas when they are facing in the opposite directions, then it is a negative toe. The proper toe angle is necessary to increase the life of the tyre. When you drive straight, the positive toe angle may have some negative impacts on wheels such as letting the wheels produce constant force against each other and affecting your vehicle’s turning capability. A positive toe will straighten out the wheel when the car is at an access speed and it also averts an uneven tyre.

toe in and toe out


Camber is a wheel’s angle measured in degrees. There are three types of camber – positive, negative and zero. It is positive when the top section is leaning outward and negative when the top section is leaning inwards. If it is not fixed on an immediate basis the tyre will wear out and its life average will decrease. It can damage your tyre tread and cause steering problems.


The front wheel of your vehicle responds to the suspension of the pivot and caster is the angle of the steering pivot. It is viewed from the sides and measured in the degrees – positive and negative. The caster is positive when the top of the pivot tilts towards the rear and it is negative when the camber tilts towards the front of your vehicle. In some wheel’s caster, its tilt is equalled but it still jerks at the smallest bumps. In any case, you must get it checked.

Wheel Balancing And Everything You Need To Know About It

Apparently when your car’s wheels are imbalanced, then you can face the problems related to wheel balancing. It wears your tyre out and due to that your shock absorbers, struts, and steering wheel. Both of your wheels must be balanced all the time, or it will hit your vehicle performance badly and increase the service cost.

Types Of Wheel Balancing Services:

Standard Wheel Balancing

Standard wheel balancing means distributing the wheel and tyre weight equally. When the repairman balances it on the spinning wheel, the weight can be measured. There are chances that the wheel may lack the balance. In such cases, the serviceman adds a little weight and equals it out. Once the weight is equally distributed, it will result in the smoothness of tyre rotation.

Computerized Wheel Balancing

Computerized wheel balancing will provide you with vibration-free and jerk-free driving. It will also increase the smoothness, which impacts positively on the economy of the fuel. It is not done manually but by technology without any flaws and any kinds of human error.

If you feel you suffer from wheel alignment or wheel balancing issues, visit the nearest Tyrehub Shop in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar, or call on 1800-233-5551, for the experts to ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive.