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Tvs Tyres manufactures a wide range of car and bike tyres. Tyrehub is the leading Tvs tyre store in Ahmedabad that helps you buy tyres online. Tyrehub offers the best quality of Tvs Tyres. We offer a huge range of tyres at very affordable prices. Find the right tyres for your car or bike. We promise you the best deals on your trusted Tvs tyres and installation services.


Are you looking to buy Tvs Tyre for your car and bike in Ahmedabad, Gujarat? You can buy Tvs tyres online at reasonable price from Tyrehub in Ahmedabad. We are leading online tyre store offering you a wide range of tyre products to buy tyres.

Our company is keeping our customer in mind by providing customer friendly products that are as per your need and budget. Apart from the trouble-free way of buying tyres online and getting them delivered to your doorstep, you can also them with fitting at your nearby Tyrehub shop. We are renewed online TVS tyre dealers always aiming to provide quality, safety and exceptional services to our customer.

TVS Tyres Price List

JUMBO 1550.00 - 2270.00
RIB 884.00 - 11189.00
DRAGON 891.00 - 1870.00
ATT 525 1161.00 - 1550.00
DRAGON PRO 1083.00 - 1130.00
Jaya 1340.00 - 1340.00

Top Seller TVS Tyres

Sale! 817pYQ9tMQL._SX425_-Tyrehub

TVS 130/70-17 62P ATT455R TBL Tubless (Rear) Two Wheeler

You save: ₹50
(Inclusive of all taxes)
Sale! TVS-Two-Wheeler-Tyre-Jumbo-SDL521352453-1-15ebb-Tyrehub

TVS 3.00-17 6PR JUMBO 50P Tubetyre (Rear) Two Wheeler

(16.5% off)
You save: ₹310
(Inclusive of all taxes)
Sale! TVS-Two-Wheeler-Tyre-Jumbo-SDL521352453-1-15ebb-Tyrehub

TVS 3.00-18 6PR JUMBO 52P Tubetyre (Rear) Two Wheeler

(15.4% off)
You save: ₹300
(Inclusive of all taxes)
Sale! TVS-Two-Wheeler-Tyre-Jumbo-SDL521352453-1-15ebb-Tyrehub

TVS 3.25 / R R16 JUMBO Tubetyre two wheeler

You save: ₹73
(Inclusive of all taxes)
Sale! TVS-Two-Wheeler-Tyre-Jumbo-SDL521352453-1-15ebb-Tyrehub

TVS 3.25 / R R19 JUMBO Tubetyre two wheeler

You save: ₹71
(Inclusive of all taxes)
Sale! TVS-Two-Wheeler-Tyre-Jumbo-SDL521352453-1-15ebb-Tyrehub

TVS 100/90-17 55P JUMBO POLYX Tubetyre (Rear) Two Wheeler

You save: ₹29
(Inclusive of all taxes)

Frequently Asked Questions

Regular and proper tyre rotation gives your tyres more uniform wear. All season tyres should be rotated in a “modified X’ pattern, where the tyres being moved to the drive axle are crossed to the opposite of the vehicle. The remaining two tyres are moved from the drive axle to the free rolling axle, remaining on the same side of the vehicle.

Due to the variety of styles, construction features, tread compounds, vehicle applications, geographical conditions and driving habits, it’s difficult for Goodyear to provide specific mileage expectancy for any tyres supplied as original equipment.

Tyres of different size designations, constructions, and stages of wear may affect vehicle handling and stability. For best all-around performance, it is recommended that all tyres be of the same size, construction (radial or non-radial) and speed rating. If tyres of different speed ratings are mounted on a vehicle, then the same size, type and speed ratings need to be placed on the same axle. The tyres with the lower speed rating should be the determining factor for permissible tyre-related vehicle speed. Never mix radial and bias-ply tyres on the same axle.

Check your owner’s manual. It will give you all of the information you need regarding specific parts and service intervals. Make sure to read it thoroughly and note any exceptions or severe service notations. Warranties are there to protect the consumer, but you must follow the requirements.

By law, car tyres must have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm throughout the central 75% of the tyre (the tread pattern must be visible in the remaining 25%). For motorcycles, the minimum is 1.0mm throughout the central 75%

It’s not just the legal issues (mentioned above) that can be a problem when driving on worn out tyres. Insufficient tread depth also affects braking distance – a particular danger on icier roads – while a tyre not inflated to the correct pressure can impact on fuel efficiency and handling ability.

We stock a wide range of tyres for all cars, 4x4s, motorcycles and vans, including branded and budget tyres to suit all needs. We can provide winter tyres for increased safety and handling in the colder months.

Usually, this is not a problem if you know the tyre size. However, since you do not know the right size of your existing vehicle, you can refer the vehicle’s manual or tyre information online. We, at TyreHub, have a wide range of OE tyres that are great for replacement, and we only have top brands of tyres on offer. Check the tyre’s additional information chart so that you can learn about tyres’ size and its radius. You will need to make sure that your brand or model of the vehicle is there in that information before picking the one. You can get to see the optional trims and package on display too.

You can get popular brands of tyres like CEAT, MRF, JK Tyre, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Apollo, Falken, and many more.

There are several reasons for you not to spot your brand in TyreHub.com. Here they are:
• The manufacturer may not be making the size of the tyres you want
• You may have entered an incorrect size of the said brand of tires
• The brand may have stopped production of the size of tyres
If you still cannot find the size or the brand, please call us at 1-800-233-5551 to speak to our customer care representative. We, from TyreHub, will be happy to assist you in getting the right-sized tyre.

You are free to pick any reputed brand of tyres for your vehicle as long as it meets a few criteria. These criteria include tyre size and load index. You may seek the assistance of our specialist customer care in this regard and speak to them or ask them to recommend the best one for your vehicle.

Yes, we offer the installation services in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. You can choose our nearest service partner from 50+ from the list. If you choose the installation services from us, then we will deliver the tyre to our service partner directly. He will call you on the receipt of the tyre and call you to get it fitted at your convenience.

Ideally, tyre installation takes around 30-45 minutes. However, our service partner can give you the precise time depending on your vehicle.

You will know that the wheel is not fitted correctly when:

  • The tyres skid or screech while driving on bends
  • Not give the car or two-wheeler the stability on the road
  • All the tyres wear out unevenly

Your personal details are absolutely safe at TyreHub.com. For more details, please read our Privacy Policy. The creation of an account and sharing your personal details with us is important in order to get products and services from us.

For viewing the brands and pricing, you will not need to create an account. However, for purchasing the tyres, you will need to create the account. By creating the account, it will be easier for you to check out and proceed to bill sooner since your details are already there in the account.

You need to select the option of installation service while placing the order and choose your nearest service partner from the list. The charges of installation service will be added in your invoice, and you need to pay while placing the order. You don’t need to pay to our service partner while installation of the tyre.

Our service partner will call you once they received your tyre. You can schedule the fitment service according to your availability, visit service station, and get the tyre installed.

Usually, the fitment center charges these for aligning the wheel. Please contact them for the details.

You may use internet banking, debit and credit cards like Visa, Master Card, and Maestro cards for payment.

Absolutely, you can track your order at TyreHub.com. Just click on “Track my order” link provided on the top-right corner of the page. It will take you to a new page, where you need to enter the phone number and confirm the OTP that is sent to you. Then you enter your name and click on the search button. The results will show with the current status of the order.

Ideally, your glove box or the small placard on the door will have the tyre pressure related information on the display. If you are finding any difficulty knowing it, feel free to call us at TyreHub.com.

Yes, you can cancel the order at any time before you receive the order.

You can cancel your order at any point of time by calling us at 1-800-233-5551 or drop in an email with the order number giving us reason for canceling the order.
However, TyreHub reserves the rights to decline your request to cancel the order because of any reasons. We will send you the email with a detailed explanation of the dismissal of your request.

Yes, there is a 7-day return policy for tyres purchased at TyreHub along with free return shipping.
However, returns are subject to assessment of our tyre experts. We only accept unfitted and unused tyre. They should not be damaged and must be entitled to the return.
If you have chosen our service partners for the tyre installation, then only it will be eligible for return and exchange on the day once they are picked up. In other cases, our expert will review your order before considering as an exchange. This may take 5-7 business days to complete the return process.
If you need any help on return, then you can drop an email to us at info@tyrehub.com or call our experts at 1-800-233-5551.

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