Is Tyre Sidewall Cracking Dangerous?

Acknowledge the Tyre Sidewall Cracking…It could be fatal-Tyrehub

Acknowledge The Tyre Sidewall Cracking…It could be fatal


How do you know that it is about time you need to change your car tyres?

When is the correct time for a car tyre online purchase?

What is it you should do when you feel you see the crack in tyre’s sidewall?

Tyre Sidewall Cracking

Well, these questions may not pop up in your head because you are busy with other important stuff, but you must be careful. According to a reliable source, every year 1.35 million people die of a road accident and it affects their families more than physically. One of the reasons for road accidents could be a crack in a tyre sidewall. The crack in tyre sidewalls could happen due to various reasons but the major one is if the vehicle is not used for a longer period. The tyres are subject to various atmospheric conditions and rubber degrades naturally over time.

The crack in your tyre sidewall is its way of telling you that it has gone through extreme conditions like rain and winter and heat and pressure and whatnot. Hence, you must get the tyre service done from the reputed automotive service center or you can buy car tyre online in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar, India

The tyre cracking is an inescapable event. It will eventually happen to every tyre but sometimes it happens late because the tyre is used carefully, and servicing is done frequently. In most of cases, the cracking of the tire does not go deep, and it surfaces at a time. However, the crack can go deep and can be fatal to your driving. This increases when your vehicle is at a higher speed. The tyre manufacturers and sellers apply anti-aging chemicals on the tyres, but they come with limitations and you must change your tyres after half a decade.

What to Do If Your Notice Sidewall Cracking

What To Do If Your Notice Sidewall Cracking

The first thing you should do is to remember when was the last time you had the change of tyre due to puncture? If it has been a long time, then buy car tyre online and get it changed with your vehicle service provider on an immediate basis. 

Check the written digits on your tyre and see the last two digits. Those are the digits of the tyre manufacturing year. If the digits are 15 that means that tyre was manufactured in the year 2015 and if it is 13 that means it was manufactured in 2013. So, check if it exceeds 6 years or more, get it changed.

Check for the cracks and get it supervised by your service provider. If he recommends the remedy, do it immediately. 

No matter what option you choose, make sure the tyres are safe to drive because if it causes harm to anyone, then there is no going back from that. Prevention is always better than cure and tyre service is better than meeting with the road accident. 


TyreHub: Ahmedabad’s Best Online Tyre Shop

If too many years add to the tyre, its sidewall can face cracking. The tyre more than the age of 6 years, becomes brittle and more likely to break than brand new ones. Make sure to get your tyres changed at an automotive service center near your house. If you have moved to a new neighborhood, then go to Google and type, “Tyre hub Service Near Me” and you will be able to search TyreHub – an online tire shop in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar.