Terms and Condition

TyreHub refers to the “Site”, “Website”, “Company”, “The Site”, “Us”. It also refers to “User” or “Users” as a whole to any person(s) using this site. By the term, “Access” we mean viewing, or acquiring any information located on www.tyrehub.com.

Please take time out to read these rules and conditions of our Website. You will get to know about the ways the Company or the Website provides the Goods. As you read and proceed, you will be acknowledging following and abiding by the rules that the site has set and shall the base for our relationship between us.

You may notice that the TyreHub has the full authority to change any subject matter or product on this website without informing anyone about it. You will need to make yourself aware of the Website’s terms. As you proceed with the website, we will view it as your acceptance and following the revised changes only. Please analyze the conditions well enough and only if you find yourself agreeing to it, you are advised to visit the website.

We have the terms discussed in detail here regarding our conditions, rights, copyrights, and restrict your entry rules. Do not miss out on any points and make sure that you are entering the website with the fair intention of purchasing the Goods from us or our Website legally.

We request you NOT to PROCEED with the website if you do not accept our Terms.


All the Website terms will authorize the orders of goods that you place here.

Your Statutory Rights will remain safe here.

  • In order to shop here legally, you must be at or above 18 years of age. You may not enter the website any further or do any transaction if you are under this age.
  • All the orders you place will conform to the Terms of this page.
  • We are under no liability or obligation to accept your orders and we consider all your orders here as your purchase orders only.
  • In case the Company asks you to give detailed information regarding the products you purchased from here at any time, you are to give it in the designated time that the site allows. Your personal information must be accurate, and we should not be held responsibility for any inaccurate information given to us.


  • We will send you the acknowledgement thereby confirming the order of your purchase. The Order Confirmation will have the Order Number.
  • If you have chosen our fitment service, then we will share your order and contact details with our respective service partner. In this case, we will directly deliver your order to our service partner. On the arrival of the order, service partner will call you and schedule fitting depending on your availability in his working time.
  • If we find any problem or error with the product or damaged goods or incorrect pricing, we refrain from selling the same. We may offer you an alternative product.


  • You will come across all the products with as precise and apt information as much as possible. However, there may be minor differences that you might find. In case, the site comes across any typographical or product-related information errors, they may change it without any prior information to anyone. The Company reserves these rights.
  • The purchase order summary will display all the product related information including the brand, quantity, and more. The confirmation will also feature the respective fitment service partner and his details as per the requirement.
  • The Company TyreHub.com may make any changes in the displayed product at any time without any notice because of changes in law or on any accord. We shall change the specifications related to the quality or the design or any dimension too even though you may have mentioned such details in your website order already. We hold the rights to make this editing and work on it at any time.


  • You will get the billing for the product as per the rate mentioned on the site on the date you make the order. The products’ prices will include GST and do not include delivery or fitment charges unless it is specifically mentioned so in the Website.
  • You may make the payment of goods and services to us while placing the order online. However, you shall be fully responsible for the faults or the size differences if any crops up while making the fitment.


  • You have time till the delivery or fitment of your products to cancel your order. In order to do so, simply call us at our helpline number, send us an email, or contact us through our Website. You may just give the reasons for you to cancel the order, and our representatives will inform you once we receive the order cancellation request. The process is quite transparent and straightforward too.


TyreHub reserves the right to cancel your order at the website if:

  • We do not have the stock of the products you order.
  • We shall mail you if the manufacturer has stopped its production.
  • We are not responsible or liable to compensate you for the distress you feel with the product on any account.
  • We may close your account and cancel your order if you breach any rules or even when you do not. We may terminate your account if you have breached the laws or on getting any lawless behavior. We have the right to close your account, and we are not entitled to give any information to you too at any time. We can do this with or without informing you at whatever time. You are responsible for the products you order here after you receive them.
  • We have the complete rights to modify any service or goods from our website or even discontinue supplying any product at any time. We may even remove the products from the site without informing you earlier. We are not answerable to you or any other party if we decide not to continue with selling or editing or suspending the sales of any product at any given time.
  • Accessing the site, you must ensure a healthy and safe association and shall not cause any harm to us or our third party vendors or representatives at any time. In case, you are flouting any rules, you may have to face legal charges.


  • Except for the time when we have a direct role in damage or loss of any property, we are under no obligation to compensate you for any fitment issues or damages that your vehicle might encounter later on. We are not liable or under law’s mandate to be answerable or responsible for any damage that arises out of your use. In case of any fitment issues too, we are in no way answerable to pay for your loss at any time. We shall also not be accountable if your product is under warranty or contract.
  • You are liable for giving accurate information about yourself.
  • The Company, TyreHub is not responsible for any damage or defect arising out of the products. We are also not responsible if the defect has come after purchasing in any way.
  • Your Statutory Rights will be in action when you suffer or there is personal injury or death arising out of our negligence.


  • The Website has the Intellectual Property laws and copyright laws protecting all the graphic materials that we use including audio, video, and image displayed including the materials for enhancing the “look” of the website. You are not to allow others to edit or decompile, reverse engineer, decrypt, circumvent, or in any way interfere with or change the website. We agree to be using all graphics like banners, posters, and various other graphics rightfully.
  • We use only registered and have Copyrights to all our graphic banners, and images that we use on our website. The third-party owners too have an adequate license for all their works.
  • You do not ask anyone to use our graphics or make improper and illegal use of our graphics at any time. You too are not allowed to use these exclusive graphic items at any time.
  • Any rights that are not clearly mentioned included herein.


  • You are not allowed to access areas of the Website like the server or tamper with any of the code of the Website. You are not permitted or authorized to enter our systems or network or snoop in our data. If we find you accessing any part that is of no use to you, and without authorization, we shall immediately take legal action against you.
  • We have zero tolerance towards anyone damaging or destroying the information and products or any data on our website.
  • The Website may seek your reviews on products and may make use of these too. You must ensure sending all the electronic communication or materials that you send for the Website must be for lawful purposes only. The content that you post or share must not be malicious, or defamatory, obscene or racist or even cause annoyance to anyone. In short, all the communication content must be legal, and not indecent, or abusive to anyone.
  • You must not mislead the website with a false or misleading address, contact information, or impersonate anyone.
  • Unauthorized use of this Website may give rise to a claim for damages is counted as a criminal offense.


  • You hereby agree to provide complete and most recent information as required in the course of using this Website or the Service (“Your Data”).
  • We may terminate if we find you giving false or wrong information about yourself to the Website.
  • You may face criminal and civil charges for providing false, misleading or impersonating someone else while giving your personal information.
  • You are solely liable for installing all anti-virus and security protection software to safeguard your computer while using the Website. We, from TyreHub, are not accountable for any loss that you suffer if your computer gets any virus or faces any problem accessing our website.